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Founded in 1884 by Louth Naturalists',
Antiquarian and Literary Society
Registered Charity No. 1145436

A Local Independent Museum
Nationally Accredited
Quality Assured Visitor Attraction

Research and Enquiries at Louth Museum

At Louth Museum we receive a variety of enquiries to carry out research on behalf of members of the public and we are always happy to search in our collection for requested information. Our costs of running the museum are substantial and in the current economic climate we have minimal financial support from our local councils or heritage organisations.

We therefore have a policy to ask for a monetary donation of £25 towards the work of the museum. In addition, we charge 10p per sheet for photocopying, and if copies of documents are to be sent by post, we charge postage.

Cheques should be made payable to “LNALS” (the abbreviation of Louth Naturalists’ Antiquarian and Literary Society) and sent to Louth Museum.

For further information, help and advice please email the museum.

Copyright: all documents and information are supplied on the understanding that (a) they are for personal use only and (b) if used in a private document or private visual presentation, Louth Museum is clearly acknowledged as the source. Before using our documents or resources in any other way, including publishing, please contact Louth Museum.

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