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Louth Museum

Louth Museum - A Journey of Discovery


Louth Museum is an award winning visitor attraction in the historic market town of Louth, nestling at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. There are four galleries, a library and a gift shop.


  • The back-lit panoramic bird’s-eye view of Victorian Louth
  • Rocks and fossils of the Lincolnshire Wolds
  • 200,000 years of local archaeology
  • Brickmaking and printing
  • The disastrous Louth Flood of May 1920
  • The story of the Ghost of the Green Lady
  • Carpets made in Louth
  • The largest national collection of Victorian woodcarvings by Thomas Wilkinson Wallis

Whilst the museum is closed - why not take a virtual tour.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Louth Museum is now open, but our hours are shorter - only Wednesdays and Fridays 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Signs regarding Covid prevention are on display, and staff will provide additional guidance.  Visitors will be required to sanitize their hands, wear a face covering, and not bring large bags into the museum.  Groups of up to six people may enter together, and only one group will be allowed in each gallery at a time. It is therefore possible that you may have to wait before you can come in.

The 1920 Louth Flood Disaster

We remember those involved

May 29th 2020 marked 100 years since the Louth Flood Disaster. On that fateful Saturday afternoon a severe flash flood claimed the lives of 23 local people (including 6 children), making over 800 people homeless and causing widespread devastation in the town.

Some personal accounts of the 1920 flood are presented in the Ruth’s Blog section of this website.

A commemorative plaque to mark the centenary of the Louth Flood has been installed in Spout Yard.  Many thanks to all those who contributed funds towards this project.

‘Finds Day’ in Louth Museum

A chance to show your finds to an expert

On Thursday 24 September 10:00-13:00 members of the public are invited to come and meet Dr Lisa Brundle, Finds Liaison Officer for Lincolnshire.  Bring along anything you have found, such as coins, buckles and brooches.  She will give you advice, and record anything of archaeological significance.  Recording these finds helps to advance our knowledge of the history and archaeology of Lincolnshire.

Please wear a face covering; social distancing will be practised.  It would be appreciated if you make a donation of at least £5 to support the museum.