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by Ruth Gatenby

Louth History Around Us

Louth History Around Us

Louth Then and Now

Louth Then and Now

I am delighted to report the continuing tradition in Louth, of producing well-researched books about our local history. 

Just published is Volume 2 of ‘Louth History Around Us’, by Dr Richard Gurnham, the second book in his series describing the history of Louth as it can still be seen today.  This volume examines the streets on the south side of the town, including medieval Aswell Street; Queen Street, the industrial quarter of the medieval town; Church Street, once known as Maiden Row and originally on the eastern edge of the town; Kidgate, which evolved as a back lane for the shops and houses of Mercer Row; Lee Street, a new street of the Late Georgian town; and George Street, built as a slightly superior street in the Mid-Victorian era.

Richard’s book has a wealth of details that will be appreciated by historians and Louth residents now and in the future.  Another book which has recently appeared will appeal to both serious historians and those who merely wish to flip through a ‘coffee-table’ book with lots of photos.   This is ‘Louth Then and Now’, which was produced last month by Sue Fair, Debbie Royle and me, and is already proving very popular.

Details of these two books are

  • Louth History Around Us, Volume 2.  Richard Gurnham.  Price £28.99.  Available from Dr Gurnham,
  • Louth Then and Now.  Sue Fair, Debbie Royle and Ruth Gatenby.  Price £20.  Available from Louth Museum,

Richard will be signing copies of his book at Louth Museum on Monday 8 January 2024 from 11 am to 1 pm, when both books will be available for sale.  We are able to send books by post, but charge for postage and packing.  Other books about Louth are also available in the museum.