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Louth Museum

Town Mezzanine Gallery


You will discover:

  • Interactive push-button lighting
  • Illustrated events on a floor map
  • Photographs of wrecked buildings
  • Newsreel footage of cleaning up
  • Flood related objects

The tragic story of the Louth flash flood on 29th May 1920, which claimed 23 lives, is told with the walk-along floor map, photographs of wrecked buildings, related objects and newsreel footage of cleaning up after the flood.

Interactive push-button lighting identifies the location of illustrated events on the floor map.

The illustrated book ‘The Louth Flood 29th May 1920’ is on sale in the Museum Gift Shop.

We had planned that in May 2020 Dr Richard Gurnham would lead a guided walk through the town following the path of the flood; this is not possible, but you can download the pdf file which describes this walk.

  • Town Mezzanine Gallery Pictures
    Town Mezzanine Gallery
  • Town Mezzanine Gallery Pictures
    Town Mezzanine Gallery