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The Lincolnshire Rising 1536


An Educational Resource for Schools

We have put some of our resources about the Lincolnshire Rising, into a form that can be readily accessed online by teachers. The presentation is ready-to-use for display on the classroom screen. Created by Poppy Wilkinson

The Lincolnshire Rising

The Lincolnshire Rising began in the Autumn of 1536 in Louth and would go on to be the start of the biggest rebellion of the Tudor period (The Pilgrimage of Grace). A wealthy and prosperous settlement, Louth had many religious buildings which were richly decorated. Following the first act of the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, the town was visited by some commissioners of King Henry VIII. This created a sense of fear amongst the locals that their lands and churches would be taken away by the King. People became angry over the control that the monarchy had over their church and wealth and so the rebellion began!

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