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Louth Museum

Louth Sewer Plan 1875

Louth streets and sewers

Detailed drawings of Louth's streets and sewers in 1875

These plans were copied from a bound volume of plans held at Louth Museum. The plans show the main buildings, including houses, inns, the Town Hall, schools and churches etc. Each house is numbered.

The plans, dated 1875, were surveyed and drawn by borough surveyor H L D Marsden. The sewers were later added by borough surveyor T W Wallis.

We are grateful to the Lincolnshire Co-op for grant funding to digitise these maps.

How to use this resource:

Scroll down and click on or tap the area on the map you would like to see. A detailed larger map will open. These have been digitally copied from the bound volume and some of the pages are showing their age as the volume is around 150 years old! Also spot the error made by the borough surveyor in 1875 where he indexed the map with two areas marked 17 and had to improvise by using 17A.

If you would like to learn more or would like a high resolution printable image - please contact us at Louth Museum.