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by Sophie Pritchard, work experience student from De Aston School

Holy Bible published in 1827

Holy Bible published in 1827

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This leather bound Holy Bible, in two volumes, was published in 1827 by J McGowan and Son in London. The first name in the Bible was Alexander James Furnish in 1829. There are 36 names across both of the volumes. Certain pages of the Bibles have reused paper as the first and last page. The first Volume goes from Genesis through to Songs of Solomon, in the second volume it starts with Isiah and finishes with Revelation.

The reason I chose the Bible, is the fact that during the Victorian era many people started to turn away from religion and focus more on science, this was mainly due to the industrial revolution. So to be able to find a Bible with such a religious ownership is quite interesting, it also gives you an insight to the life and deaths within the furnish family. There however, is one abnormality with in the fact that the furnish's had a daughter called Louisa Ann, she unfortunately died at age three but there was no records of her life in the bibles.

Another reason I chose the Bibles was; the Bible and Christianity has a big effect on how we live our lives and we don't even realize it. For example the fact that we even have weekends is based on the creation story in genesis, the fact that God rested on the last two days. Christmas is another one since the whole holiday is based on Jesus. however Christianity isn't as openly practiced in our modern society but we still use a lot of the christian belief and practices almost subconsciously. Its also rather interesting to think about how the religion has changed over the years and the different denominations that use the Bible: Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist, and Anglican. The denominations belief and ideals can differ majorly.

I personally believe that we should pay more interest in the Bibles owned by our families (if there are any) because it can give clarity about at least a portion of your family.