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Zoological Observations, 1885

by Ruth Gatenby

Original document dated 1885

Original document dated 1885

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The “Ants and Nats”, the organisation responsible for Louth Museum is one of the oldest learned societies in Lincolnshire. It began in 1884 when a group of teenage boys interested in Natural History began to meet each week to discuss their findings. Recently we have come across an original document dated 1885 that lists some of their “Zoological Observations”, including the following:

Jan 17th. Two otters seen near the pond at Tathwell.

Feb 11th. Cart load of sprats being drawn through the town to be used as manure.

Feb 24th. Two white stoats are now being shown in the bird-stuffer’s window. Three have been caught this winter.

Apr 3rd. On vermin tree in Burwell Wood were 26 weasels and 3 stoats.

Aug 4th. Natterjack toad seen on the sand hills at Mablethorpe. Easily distinguished from the common toad, which is also present on the sand hills, by the white dorsal line.

Aug 21st. School of porpoises seen off Mablethorpe.